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Hi, I'm Melissa

I get so much joy seeing my customer's faces light up at the arrival of the seasonal produce I've grown from seed. Bringing the seasons into your homes through food is such a privilege, and I hope it brightens up your day as much as it does mine.

My love of gardening was passed down to me by my maternal grandmother, who continued to grow a small vegetable garden until she was 97 years old. I remember visiting her in Quebec, Canada when I was a child and we would forage in the forests and fields for blueberries, raspberries and wild strawberries. Potatoes, lettuce, beans and carrots were planted in rotation in the garden. I fondly remember fresh vegetable soups for dinner and blueberry pies for dessert. Every thing was fresh from the garden, and by default, everything was in season. 

For me, eating what's in season means eating healthy foods that are grown locally and allowed to ripen naturally under the sun. When my husband, Mickey, and I bought our property in 2015 we did so with the intention of developing a market garden and selling direct to local families in the area. Such a romantic idea, right? Turns out these things take time! Getting all the right equipment and developing the beds was one thing, but learning how to grow on a commercial level using organic principles was an entirely different challenge!  

As the garden grew so did my production levels, and I went from selling sporadically to a small group of friends to selling at the Taranaki Farmers' Market every Sunday and now through our online shop.


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