Regenerative, Sustainable, Organic

These words are buzzing around our beautiful Taranaki, and beyond, for good reason.

What do they mean to us?


Growing good food starts with healthy soil. We test nutrient levels annually and add beneficial organic amendments to achieve the right balance.

We use responsible practices and farm without harmful GMOs, glyphosate, or neonicotinoids to ensure that feeding ourselves doesn’t cost the Earth.

Attracting birds and beneficial insects is achieved by planting a wide variety of plants, which in turns helps to develop more resilient ecosystem. 

We can't do this alone! We hire locally and pay a living wage to do our part in supporting and giving back to our community. 

Organic Methods

Growing produce organically at Coastal Market Gardens starts with the natural fertile volcanic soil of the Kaitake Ranges ring plain.

Add to this locally sourced organic feed for the our chickens, natural fertilizers from certified organic Taranaki farms and a warm microclimate provide a great environment for year-round growing.  

Robust varieties grow strong and are better able to resist damage from insects and diseases and we weed everything by hand.  

Harvested produce is washed with uv filtered rain water to provide fresh, clean, bright and healthy food to our region.

No sprays, no chemicals, no wax, just pure nutrition that tastes great!


No-till or reduced till methods are used and this means we insert seeds directly into undisturbed soil when possible, reducing erosion and improving soil health.

Planting a variety of crops and using a crop rotation system has many benefits, including creating healthier soil and reducing pressure from pests and diseases.

The use of cover crops, like lupins and clover, protect and build soil health by preventing erosion, replenishing soil nutrients, and keeping weeds in check and reducing the need for herbicides.   

We use a range of methods to keep pest populations under control and apply an integrated pest management system (IPM). These methods include observation, biological control, digital control and cultural control to eliminate the use of chemical pesticides. 

Spring Seedlings

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